impressed current cathodic protection

Metec West Africa Limited is a complete solution provider for Cathodic Protection of Onshore and Offshore metallic structure. We supply materials and implement cathodic protection system in ferrous assets for oil and gas industry, power sector, chemical and fertilizer plants, utility services and other industries. Presently we are engaged in the business all over Nigeria and sub-Sahara African region.

Our Credentials-
We are actively engaged in design, manufacturing, consultancy services and provision of Cathodic Protection Solution for:
Oil & Gas Processing/Production
  • Refinery
  • Flow lines
  • Bulk Holding Plant
  • Well Casing
  • Offshore Platforms


  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Distribution and Gathering networks
  • Water pipelines

Power Plant

  • Screens and Intake Pumps
  • Storage Tanks
  • Cooling Water & Internal pipelines
  • Underground Piping Network

Industrial Complexes

  • Storage Tanks & Vessels
  • Water Screening Equipment
  • Underground Piping

For cathodic protection we offer-

  1. Site visit for complete understanding
  2. Detail engineering
  3. Supply of materials
  4. Site Installation
  5. Commissioning of installed system
  6. Pipeline CP survey
  7. Monitoring and maintenance of CP system
  8. Revamping of expired life CP system
Metec West Africa has in house facility of manufacturing Galvanic Anode (go to Product section) with fully equipped testing facility to meet customer needs.
Here we have fully dedicated team of professionals for implementation of Cathodic Protection. Our team is led by Mr. VASSILY OYE BARBEROPOULOS, Managing Director. We have skilled and experienced manpower pool to drive the system. Senior team leaders have international certifications in various Corrosion aspects and are in the industry globally for more than a decade. Our staff have both indigenous Nigerian and also members recruited from other countries to boost the level of experience. Here in Metec we follow strict QA/QC  procedures which are internationally recommended. We pay full attention for safety of our staff and environment.
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