Metec West Africa Limited was incorporated in November 2006 between the promoters of Nigerian Foundries Limited and Metec Italia.
In 2002 the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) embarked on a drive to make the Oil & Gas industry support local content manufacturing and capacity building with the aim of industrializing Nigeria.
Metec office
The promoters of Nigerian Foundries Ltd (NFL) were approached by the Oil industry requesting they enter into a joint venture with a technical partner and produce in Nigeria sacrificial anodes.
The idea was that since NFL was already a local content company, already in the foundry industry by partnering with Metec Italia, an aluminum foundry, such a marriage would become a success. 
So by December 2007, the Metec West Africa foundry was set up and the first trial production was done with the support of ExxonMobil and Deltafrik (a Worley Parsons Company).
The Metec West Africa Limited is a worldwide leader in cathodic protection both onshore and offshore while NFL is the leader in ferrous castings in sub-Sahara Africa.

Obituary of our founder
We regret to announce the death of our founder member, Mr. Romeo Barberopoulos of Nigeria Foundries Limited and NFL Group of Companies who passed away at the age of 79...more
The company is 51% Nigerian owned by the promoters of Nigerian Foundries Limited while 49% is owned by the promoter of Metec Italia. It is a true equity joint venture partnership with a technical agreement signed with Wilson Walton International for onshore cathodic protection. The Managing Director is Mr Vassily Barberopoulos and the Technical Director is Mr Massino Via.
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